New User On-boarding Process Guide  

1. ​​​​New User On-boarding Process Flow Part 1

Onboarding Flow Part 1.JPG


1.1 a. Click LumiNUS for below safety training courses. 

    • Laboratory Safety Induction (OSHGEN01)
    • Risk Management for Laboratories (OSHGEN06)
    • Electrical and Computer Engineering Safety Quiz (ECE Quiz)
    • E6NanoFab Safety Induction (OTH955)
    • Chemical Safety (OSHCHM01)*Compulsory for wet lab
    • Introduction to laboratory Safety and Health in NUS – Policy, Principles and Practice (OSHGEN02)*Compulsory for student  
    • Online Fire Safety Training Course (OSHFS01)*​NUS’ staff to click ​CHRS ​for OSHFS01 course
    • An Introduction to Safety, Health and Emergency Management (OSHGEN03)*​NUS’ staff to click CHRS for OSHGEN03 course (not required for student)​​

​     b. Click here for Electrical and Computer Engineering Quiz.


1.2 Please take note of the followings before submitting form. 

    • ​​NUSNET ID means your personal email alias (Example: eletlgj, keak_pl and etc.)​ ​
    • Attachment must be exactly the same name as in parathesis stated in point 1.1 eg. OTH955. ECE Quiz, OSHGEN02 and etc.
      -> Form will be saved as Draft if your attachments’ names do not follow the naming convention  


1.3 All users are to follow the standard naming convention in QReserve user profile section per below screenshot.  

​​20201215_Naming Convention in QReserve.png


​2. New User On-boarding Process Flow Part 2


20201215_Onboarding Process Flow Part 2_EQP Train.JPG
​3. Lab Officer In Charge

 Name of Labs Block E6 Location Name of Lab ICs Lab IC Email Address
Class 10 Cleanroom Level 1 Xiao Yun
Class 100 Cleanroom Level 1 Htike Aung
Class 1000 Cleanroom Level 5 Thomas Ang
Class 10000 Cleanroom Level 2 Musni
Dry Lab Level 2 Musni
Wet Lab Level 2 Musni
Metrology Lab Level 3 Linn Linn
Electrical and Test Level 3 Koo Chee Keong