Annealing Process

System Overview

High temperature annealing for various materials

Technical specifications

  • Wafer size: up to 8” wafer
  • Temperature up to 1050 degC
  • Ramp rate up to 300degC/sec
  • 6 individual controllable thermal zone by infrared lamp
  • Heat uniformity +/-2C for 8 inch wafer 1000C
  • Anneal in N2, O2
  • Annealing under vacuum environment (10e-6 torr)




As the density of semiconductor becomes higher and its pattern becomes finer, Rapid  Thermal Annealing (RTA) is attracting attention as an important heating technique in the semiconductor fabrication process. The class 10000 cleanroom will make available two (2) units of rapid thermal annealer to support the high density semiconductor fabrication processing.

Mini Lamp Annealer MILA-3000

The MILA-3000 has integrated excellent characteristics, such as capabilities of rapid heating/cooling of the infrared gold image furnace, high precision temperature control, clean heating and versatile atmosphere selection, in a compact unit and features moderate price, small size and high performance.

Max Size: Less than (20 x 20) mm.

Availability: To be advised.


Furnance system for wet and dry oxidation in the temperature range of 200 to 1200 °C will be available in 3rd quarter of 2020. 

E6-05-09, Cleanroom


Patrick TANG
Tel: 660 17029 / 6601 7041

System Overview

The Magnetic Annealing System is an 8.0 Tesla Magnetic Annealing System for pilot line and R&D usage.

Technical Specifications

• Magnetic field: 0 to 8.0 Tesla
• Wafer size: Ø2” (51 mm) circular diameter & 5 product wafers
• Wafer orientation: In plane or perpendicular to magnetic field direction
• Field homogeneity: -2/+2% over product wafers
• Field uniformity: Angle <+/-1.5° over product wafers
• Set-point accuracy: <5 mTesla
• Field stability: <0.1% of field value
• Field reproducibility: <5 mTesla
• Temperature range: 200 – 450°C
• Max wafer exit temp: 60°C
• Thermal uniformity: < ±3°C in sample volume
• Set point accuracy: ±1.5°C
• Cross wafer uniformity: ±2°C
• Cross stack uniformity: ±1.5°C

E6-01-02, Class 100 Cleanroom

Tel: 660 17030

System Overview

[To be updated]

Technical Specifications

• Deposition SiO2
• Substrate size: 8 inch wafer only
• Product yield: 40 wafer/ run max
• Heater temp: 200 to 1200°C
• Heater zone: 1 to 3 zone
• ULTECH | L1 Cleanroom

E6 L1 Cleanroom

Tel: 660 17030