Available Targets and Resources

Deposition and Growth Cluster

 Tools      Available Targets and Resources
  ALD @ L5 CR
  • Al2O3, HfO, ZrO and TiN
  E-Beam Evaporator – AJA UHV @ L1 CR
  • Ti, Al, Ni, Ag, Au, Pt, Pd, Nb, In, TiN, SiO2, Al2O3 and Ta2O5
  Sputter – AJA UHV @ L1 CR
  • Ti, Mo, W, SiO2, Pt, ZnO, HfO, ITO, NiOx and IGZO
  Sputter – ULVAC Multi-chamber (Majest S200)
  • Mg, Cu, W, Fe60Co20B20, Fe90Co10, Fe80B20, Co, Pt, Ru, Ta, Ti and MgO


Etch Cluster

 Tools      Available Targets and Resources
  ICP Etch Cluster @ L5 CR
  • Metal etch (W, Al, AlN tested)
  • InP grating etch
  • HfO, ZrO and TiN


Lithography Cluster

 Tools      Available Targets and Resources
  Laser Writer @ L1 CR
  • AZ1512 and AZ1518
  Mask Aligner @ L1 CR
  • UV and DUV
  • AZ1512
  • AZ4110

   * Remarks: Masks are not provided.


Last update: 27 June 2021