E6NanoFab is open for access to academic and industrial* researchers from across all disciplines in electrical and computing engineering, micro-electronics, bio-mechanical and material science to conduct wide areas of research such as advanced materials, advanced device fabrications, device and materials characterizations as well as nanotechnology.

All users must complete the pre-requisite onsite lab briefing and training on safety and equipment before they could be granted access to E6NanoFab. Users are to observe the facility access guidelines and rules when they enter the labs.

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* Terms and Conditions apply.

Striving for research excellence is in the DNA of E6NanoFab research professionals. At E6NanoFab, we help you match your R&D requirements with our right experts to solve specific problems; and collaborate on leading-edge research projects. By working with us, you will be able to leverage on our purpose-built world-class facilities for prototyping your products without having you to build an in-house research facility ground up.

In today’s world of fast changing technology where time is of essence, you can focus on product innovation and accelerate time-to-market for your new product ideas while we continue to advance and consolidate our facilities and research processes. We believe this mutually beneficial research partnership would lead to innovative solutions that solve real-world challenges.

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